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HKU STAR Lab Receives Hong Kong ICT Award

HINCare received a Certificate of Merit in the Smart People (Smart Ageing) Category at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023!


The HINCare app, developed by STAR Lab, aims to provide digital timebanking and AI-based matching services to NGOs, volunteers, and people in need. Currently, HINCare is used by more than 7000 users from 14 NGOs that practise a wide range of services for elderly, teenager, and foreign workers.


The Judging Panel of HKICT commented that:


“The (HINCare) platform enhances the operational efficiency. This included centralized the coordination works for both NGOs and volunteer. The user interface was designed to be user-friendly for elderly individuals. Notably, the platform consolidated multiple functions into a single platform, streamlining access to various services.”


The HKICT Awards is one of the largest annual software competitions in Hong Kong steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. The Smart People Award category is organised by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. For details of the award and HKICT, please see the following:


[Reproduced from STAR Lab]



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